Product Offerings

Short term loan that is used until company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation
  • Financing in a short duration in M&A or financial closure situations with security structures encompassing acquirer and target assets and cashflows
Funding to finance a SPV in which new project is undertaken
  • Construction finance to real estate projects with all approvals.

  • Flexible structuring, bank refinance to term out debt and promoter take out based on future cash flow provides higher returns

Loan against the underlying value of listed liquid shares held by the promoter.
  • Popularity of PE-backed NBFCs for addressing promoter based funding is increasing as promoters are reluctant to sell shares in the volatile market to meet their funding needs.

  • Groups with multiple businesses require equity funding to allocate into newer businesses by leveraging strengths of mature businesses

Senior secured term loans replacing bank funding with a extended repayment schedule.
  • Refinance of bank loans to match the slower growth and lower capacity utilization post capex in viable & expected uptake in growth companies.

  • Arka Fincap can tap funding opportunities to sectors/groups where Banks are not sanctioning as they have hit prudential lending limits

Secured term loan backed by assets of the company and share pledge of operating company.
  • Arka Fincap can provide funding to rationalise shareholding to buyout equity partners as a bridge to an equity event / asset sale or repayment from cashflows for a low debt company
Funding against receivables from well rated entities/quasi-government counter-parties backed by assets like unlisted shares and guarantees.
  • Discounting of contractual cashflows from Government entities by providing for larger receivable period which may not be covered by Bank drawing power.
  • Funding against cashflows which may not be discounted by Banks.
Secured pari-passu working capital lending (in the form of WCDL/WCTL). Well performing companies struggle on operations and have to forego business opportunities due to lack of working capital.
  • Delay in enhancement of limits by banks leads to growing companies looking for alternative options to fill up the working capital gap
  • There are opportunities for Arka Fincap to fill the gap in specific sectors where prudential limits have breached for a sector or a group
  • Expanded receivable cycle leading to shrinking of drawing power due to delays in government receivables
  • Working capital facilities for companies where drawing power has dropped due to lower sales but the growth prospects are bright and require larger working capital for conversion of the same
Secured term loan at a level above the operating company. 
  • Loans to Holdcos to invest as equity in new projects.
A fixed maturity loan with charge over cashflows and assets used to bridge stretched working capital cycles and capex related spends. Lot of viable businesses don’t take off due to lack of growth funding.
  • Growth capital and liquidity buffers to asset light companies in sectors like Logistics which are not able to obtain debt funding from Banks, due to non-availability of fixed asset cover
  • Growth funding to service sector businesses like IT, Media & Entertainment which require funding to bridge the gap between equity capital and bank debt